What are small group meetings?

Call (901) 409-3572 OR (731) 426-2453 to schedule a meeting with Dr. George Flinn

In an effort to hear you and the concerns of your neighbors, Dr. George Flinn will travel to you and meet with you in small groups. The meeting can take place right in your own home or your favorite gathering place in your local area. Dr. Flinn will do a little talking, but his focus will be on listening to you and your concerns about the performance of Congress and what you want from your Congressman.

That’s right, the candidate will come to you! You do not have to research when he will be near you, all you have to do is make a phone call and coordinate a date and time with his campaign team.

​The meetings are designed to last about 30 minutes in length. You can begin scheduling at any time. We hope you’ll invite a few friends, neighbors or family members to join Dr. George Flinn at your meeting.

There is no cost to have the meeting and you will not be asked to make any donation. These meetings are designed for you to share your voice, your concerns and expectations.

To sign-up for a meeting with Dr. George Flinn, call our campaign staff at (901) 409-3572 or (731) 426-2453.