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You may remember the hymn “Onward Christian Soldiers” well, you are invited to join George’s Army to protect our values in Washington. 

Dr. George Flinn is a man of action and has been an effective physician, businessman, engineer and President of his broadcasting company. Talk is cheap, which is why he believes actions speak louder than words. He’s not looking for another career. He’s running to protect our values and represent West Tennessee and only West Tennessee.

Some go to Congress and are almost never seen again in their District, except on TV commercials or when it’s time to be re-elected. They don’t have town halls or public meetings– only meetings with big donors. Dr. George Flinn loves staying connected in person, by phone, e-mail or even by letter. He wants to be our Representative in Congress and vote by listening to our needs and wishes.

Dr. George Flinn learned the value of hard work and dedication by watching his father build his Heating and Air Conditioning business from scratch. His father’s work ethic became his own work ethic. He learned to save money and spend wisely. By following his father’s example, Dr. George Flinn was able to pay his way through college and medical school.

Dr. George Flinn has two children and three grandchildren. In order for the next generation to have good lives, the United States needs to get back to the basics that made us secure and prosperous while being a world leader. He will work to protect our country and promote small business job growth in West Tennessee.



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