It’s Time You Hear The Truth About Congressman Kustoff

It’s Time You Hear The Truth About Congressman Kustoff

As a candidate in 2016, David Kustoff made promises to the people of West Tennessee that he would be a pro-life Congressman and that he would stand up to the establishment by pledging to “shake up Washington.”  

Unfortunately, it did not even take him a full term to renege on his promises.

David Kustoff said he would defeat ISIS by destroying radical Islamic terrorism, but took money from law firms that defend those very terrorists.

The law firms, according to Federal Election Commission (FEC) filing reports, donated to Kustoff in 2017 and 2018.

Covington & Burling, LLP, one of which donated to Congressman Kustoff in 2017, proudly represents 15 detainees in Guantanamo Bay… for free, according to the firm’s website How can you destroy radical Islamic terrorists when you accept money from law firms who want to set those terrorists free?

Covington & Burling proudly boasts they represent terrorists. 

“Covington has been involved in Guantánamo-related litigation since 2004 and currently represents 15 detainees”

Kustoff said he would be pro-life and pro-family, but decided to vote with Nancy Pelosi to fund Planned Parenthood, an organization that aborts nearly 330,000 unborn babies each year, according to National Right To Life. How can you vote for a pro-abortion bill, and still claim to be pro-life? Not to mention that you’re voting with one of the most liberal Representatives in all of Congress– Nancy Pelosi.

Kustoff chose to abandon our conservative West Tennessee values and instead voted with Democrat Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and her liberal San Francisco values to fund Planned Parenthood. If Pelosi is voting ‘Yea’ on a bill,  a conservative representing West Tennessee should at least think twice and reassess his vote. Kustoff ignored our pleas in West Tennessee to not vote for this bill, and he did it anyway.

This wasn’t even the first time Kustoff has voted with Pelosi. In his first term, Kustoff has voted with Pelosi 227 times, as of June 2018. These were not just procedural votes, either. Kustoff and Pelosi both chose to fund Planned Parenthood, protect trial lawyers over medical patients, and voted to increase the federal deficit by nearly a trillion dollars.

Kustoff said he would shake things up, but took hundreds of thousands of dollars from special interest lobbying groups, instead. FEC filing reports show that, over the course of his first term, he has accepted nearly $500,000 from special interest groups, lobbyists, PACs and other political candidates. David Kustoff has forgotten where he comes from and who he serves– the people of West Tennessee.

I have accepted $0 from special interest groups, lobbyists or PACs in this election. I don’t need their money, and they won’t be able to control me like they do our current Congressman.

Kustoff’s actions are not that of a real conservative. These are actions from someone who is part of the swamp President Trump is trying to drain.

I will vote for President Trump’s agenda. I will vote to protect our unborn, vote to protect our Christian values and I will never support Nancy Pelosi or her agenda. We need someone who will go to Washington and stand up for our West Tennessee values, not someone who will abandon them whenever a PAC or lobbyist throws some money their way.

I want you to know the truth and vote your values this August 2nd. You have a clear choice of who to vote for as your Representative for West Tennessee.

One choice you have is a Washington insider like David Kustoff, who votes to fund Planned Parenthood, who sides with Nancy Pelosi and her pro-abortion values and who votes to increase our federal deficit by nearly a trillion dollars.

Your other choice is clear: me. I am someone who will never vote to fund Planned Parenthood, someone who will never support Nancy Pelosi and someone who will vote, work and advocate to not spend money we simply do not have.

I’m George Flinn, and I ask for your vote when early voting starts July 13th or on Election Day, August 2nd.

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