Learn about some of the key points to Dr. George Flinn’s healthcare plan

1. Repeal the 2010 Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare
– This should be done in small portions, not all at once.

2. Get able-bodied individuals off Medicaid and onto private insurance with the help of tax credits
– Patients with pre-existing conditions should be protected.

3. Get rid of “cookie-cutter” plans required by Obamacare.
– Under Obamacare, men are covered for having a baby and women are covered for pediatric dental care. You should be able to purchase a plan that fits your needs.

4. Allow purchase of and selling of insurance across state lines
– Doing so will create instant competition, leading to better prices and better quality for patients across the board.

5. Lessen the tax burden on drug innovator companies– frees them to bring new and advanced medicine to market.
– Obamacare forced a $27 billion tax on these manufacturers and importers, driving up prices for all consumers.

6. Return to the traditional patient-physician care model.
– We should place our trust in physicians and allow them to do procedures they deem necessary.

7. Expand “Choice Program” for veterans– allow all veterans to seek care at a facility or clinic of their choice through a voucher program.
– Currently, veterans who live more than 40 miles away from a VA facility or experience a longer wait time to be seen than 30 days, may be eligible for the “Choice Program.”

8. Adopt stricter medical malpractice laws.
– Individuals receiving government subsidies should be capped in the amount of damages sought in lawsuits against physicians.

9. Combat the opioid and drug epidemic by having state and federal agencies track controlled substance prescriptions at the point of sale (or pharmacy).
– Many states put the responsibility for the provider to research if a patient is “doctor shopping” or attempting to unethically acquire a prescribed controlled substance.

10. Allow portability of insurance coverage so that individuals are not limited in where they live and/or work.
– People should not be tied to their job just so they can keep their health insurance.

11. Retain the rule of 26
– People ages 26 or younger should continue to have the option of remaining on their parent or guardian’s health insurance plan.

12. Ban on federal funding for Planned Parenthood
– Until Planned Parenthood stops providing abortions on demand, the federal government should not provide the organization with tax payer money.

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