David Kustoff Teamed Up with Nancy Pelosi to Fund Planned Parenthood

David Kustoff Teamed Up with Nancy Pelosi to Fund Planned Parenthood


What kind of Republican do you want representing West Tennessee? An established, Washington insider or a conservative outsider? There’s a clear choice in this Republican Primary for US Congress, District 8 because the current Congressman teamed up with Nancy Pelosi to fund Planned Parenthood.

That’s right. David Kustoff, a so-called “conservative” pledged to protect our West Tennessee values, but instead voted with Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman Schultz to give $500 million of our tax dollars to Planned Parenthood. He sold us out.

David Kustoff has yet to explain why he teamed up with Democrats and pro-choice liberals to fund a private organization that aborts an estimated 330,000 babies per year, according to The Federalist. Then again, why should we be surprised? After all, David Kustoff raises money from some of the same organizations that also donate to Nancy Pelosi, as well as other prominent Democrats including Memphis Democratic Congressman Steve Cohen.

How can you claim to be pro-life after choosing to give half a billion dollars to the biggest administrator of abortions in the United States? How can you claim to be a conservative? It’s incomprehensible and shameful.

We have been betrayed by the broken promises of establishment politicians and Washington insiders for far too long. We have to stop this cycle of rewarding bad behavior and elect someone who will truly represent and protect our West Tennessee values.

Giving hard earned tax dollars to Planned Parenthood proves to us that David Kustoff is out of touch with West Tennessee. He is not a real conservative. He does whatever the establishment tells him to do.

I’m Dr. George Flinn, and I’m running for Congress because I love West Tennessee, and I’m tired of the same old entitled, establishment politicians telling us one thing and then doing another.

Like President Trump, I won’t be beholden to special interest groups who want me to vote for their values. As your next Congressman, I can promise that I’ll vote to protect our West Tennessee values. Unlike the current Congressman, I will always vote to protect the unborn.

If you want someone who has voted to fund Planned Parenthood, vote for the same old Washington insider that has sold us out.

Or, if you want someone who will protect and stand up for our Christian, conservative values and pledge to never vote to fund Planned Parenthood, then I’m your candidate.

West Tennessee, there is a clear choice in this election. A vote for me is a vote to protect our unborn. I ask for your vote when the polls open for early voting July 13.

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