David Kustoff Embracing Pelosi, the DC Swamp

David Kustoff Embracing Pelosi, the DC Swamp

Congressman David Kustoff has abandoned our West Tennessee values and embraced the swamp in Washington that we are trying to drain.

Kustoff promised to shake things up, but instead, voted with Nancy Pelosi 248 times in his first term, as of June 27, 2018. These were not just procedural votes, either. They voted together on a lot of major issues.

Kustoff voted with Nancy Pelosi to fund Planned Parenthood $500 million dollars.

He voted with Pelosi, and against President Trump, to protect trial lawyers instead of us.

Kustoff even voted with Pelosi to raise the federal deficit by nearly $1 trillion.

We are one of the most conservative districts in the entire country, so why would our Congressional Representative vote alongside Nancy Pelosi nearly 250 times in just 18 months?

Watchdog group GovTrack has Kustoff listed as one of the most liberal Republicans in Congress. Only 15 Representatives were listed as more liberal than Kustoff in 2017.

Conservative Review, a conservative watchdog group, has graded Kustoff with an overall score of 62% – D. By their count, Kustoff has voted on the issues as a liberal 43 times and as a conservative only 35 times.

Perhaps the most striking thing about Kustoff and his full embrace of the swamp is that he doesn’t seem to care who or where he gets his campaign money.

He’s accepted nearly $500,000 from special interest lobbying groups since taking office, but two groups stand out in particular: Covington & Burling, LLP and King & Spalding, LLP.

These out-of-state law firms, which have supported Pelosi and Kustoff through their respective lobbying groups, specialize in representing terrorists from Guantanamo Bay– for free.

Covington & Burling, LLP boasts on their website that they have “been involved in Guantánamo-related litigation since 2004 and currently represent(s) 15 detainees, none of whom has been charged with any crimes.”

King & Spalding, LLP have partners who also represent terrorists in Guantanamo Bay, according to an article from the National Review.

“It can’t come a moment too soon for King & Spalding LLP partners John Chandler and Beth Tanis, a husband-and-wife tandem who have represented six of the Guantanamo detainees since 2004,” according to the article.

Kustoff didn’t shake things up, he’s voted with Pelosi hundreds of times, abandoned our West Tennessee values and ignored our pleas to be a real conservative.

I’m George Flinn and I’m offering you a clear choice in the Republican Primary on August 2nd. I will protect our values, stand up to special interest groups and refuse to make concessions when it comes to Planned Parenthood. I ask for your vote during early voting July 13-28th or on Election Day, August 2nd.

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