Brad Greer Endorses Dr. George Flinn

Brad Greer Endorses Dr. George Flinn

Why I Am Endorsing George Flinn For Congress

by Brad Greer

When I ran for Congress in 2016, I knew that our campaign would be one that would be outspent by the party elites, but I also knew our district deserved a chance to send a genuine conservative to Washington– someone who would look out for our district and truly serve the people. My opponents outspent me by padding the race full of “dirty-money.”

Lobbyist money, PAC money, and Dark Money flowed into the race from political power players who couldn’t come close to pinpointing the towns in the district I love and we all live.

Unfortunately, they were successful in swaying the election to one of their own in 2016: David Kustoff. He has certainly worked to do what the power players wanted him to do and has voted to keep his lobbyist friends happy. These groups, in turn, gave Kustoff hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations. Kustoff said he would shake up Washington, but all he’s done is pad his campaign account with special interest money.

As West Tennesseans, we have certain values, standards, and morals. We try to be good neighbors, help our community and ensure our children and grandchildren have something they can be proud to inherit. In West Tennessee, we like to hold our politicians to a high standard as well. We do not want our Congressman accepting dirty money from PACs and lobbyists. And we certainly don’t want them voting to fund Planned Parenthood.

We want our Congressman introducing legislation for term limits, voting pro-life, and not raising the national debt. David Kustoff, as Congressman, has trampled over all over our West Tennessee values.

Kustoff will not be able to climb the political ladder in Washington if he strays from what he is told to do. So, Kustoff has voted the way the establishment tells him to vote. Kustoff did not vote the way he promised us he would, or as the voters have told him to vote. He simply cares more about his career than he does about our West Tennessee values.

Instead of having the courage to deny them his vote, Kustoff cast his vote with Nancy Pelosi to fund Planned Parenthood. That organization should receive none of our hard-earned money. Kustoff, along with other liberal thinkers, supplied Planned Parenthood with half a billion dollars to continue their initiatives, which includes aborting hundreds of thousands of unborn each year. I realize some people reading this support abortion. If so, maybe you should thank David Kustoff for ensuring Planned Parenthood will continue to receive funding.

Congress has become extremely toxic with its spending habits. It’s why so many politicians end up in trouble. Kustoff’s vote to fund Planned Parenthood proves that he is not the best choice to represent West Tennessee. Shouldn’t he have stood up and demanded that we defund Planned Parenthood? Instead, Kustoff chose to move us further into debt so he and other liberals could fund Planned Parenthood. Our children’s children will be paying debt interest on abortions funded by David Kustoff’s vote.

There is a clear choice in who to vote for in the upcoming Republican Primary for US Congress, District 8. I will be investing my vote in a genuine conservative who will refuse to make the same mistakes David Kustoff made. I ran against George Flinn in 2016, but now, I’m proud to say that I am voting for and endorsing George Flinn to be our next Congressman. He can’t be bought, and I know he will protect our West Tennessee values.